Q:  How old does my child need to be to start wrestling?

A:  No hard set age but typically around 4 years old.  Every child is different and being ready to start practicing depends a lot on their personality and temperment.  You know your child and you'll know when they're ready.  All we ask is that when your child is at practice, he/she is able to follow instructions and stay on task.

Q:  When does the season start and finish?

A:  Generally practice will start early November and end early March.

Q:  Will my child have to lose weight in wrestling?

A: Absolutely not!  In the youth through middle school wrestling programs, there is absolutely no talk or discussion of weight loss with our wrestlers.  In all of the competitions that wrestlers in these age groups may attend, they would wrestle at their natural body weight and wrestle against kids of similar size and ability level.  At the high school level, we promote a healthy eating lifestyle with a well-rounded diet with an emphasis on whole foods and staying away from fast or fried foods.  We believe this helps with both performance and recovery and allows the student/athlete perform at their highest levels daily.

Q:  Will wrestling make my child’s ears look funny? (Cauliflower ear/wrestler’s ear)

A: Cauliflower ear is easily preventable by wearing headgear.

Q:  Does it matter if my child doesn't start wrestling until he's older?

A:  No.  It doesn't.  Some children start wrestling as young as four years old, while other wait until their 9 or even older.  Just because your child doesn't start at the earliest possible time, doesn't mean that he/she will be too far behind to catch up.  We have seen wrestlers have success that did not start learning the sport until 7th grade.  In short, it's never too late to start wrestling.