Q:  Am I required to participate in tournaments?

A:  No, you are not required to participate in any tournaments.

Q:  What to wear to tournaments?

A:  In certain tournaments headgear may be required, otherwise, wrestling (or gym) shoes, shorts without zippers and a t-shirt is all you need.  If you want to have the "typical" wrestling gear, which most kids wear, we recommend wrestling shoes, a singlet, and headgear.

Q:  When do tournaments occur?

A:  Tournaments typically occur on the weekends, Friday - Sunday.  At practice it will be communicated what tournaments the Centennial Wrestling Coaches will be at.

Q:  How are kids matched up?

A:  Wrestlers are divided by both age group and weight.  Weight classes are typically separated by 3-5lbs and increase in the heavier weight classes.

Q.  What should I expect at an individual tournament?

A.  When you arrive your child will weigh-in and will be paired up with children close to their weight and age.  Age divisions typically are divided by grades: PK-1, 1st-2nd, 3rd-4th, 5th-6th.  They will call each division to report and will assign your child and their mat.  Most are run as a round robin with 3-4 kids per bracket.  Once they are finished they will head to the podium to receive their award.