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Shoe Away Hunger

By Curtis Theis, 11/02/17, 8:00PM CDT


Feeding the Future One Sole at a Time

The Centennial Wrestling program is doing a service project to feed Minnesotans in need. Every month, Shoe Away Hunger feeds about 3,000 people, mainly in the Twin Cities metro area.

How is the Centennial Wrestling program helping?
We are sponsoring a footwear drive to collect used footwear  ΜΆ  sneakers, sports shoes, casual shoes, dress shoes, boots, flip flops, ice skates, etc. The footwear can be for men, women, and children and be of any type and condition, from really worn to brand new. The shoes will be collected and sorted by condition and size. 
New and gently used footwear is sold on the Shoe Bus, which goes to community events where people in need are present. The Shoe Bus – a former school bus converted into a mobile shoe thrift store – charges $5 for adult shoes and $2 for children’s sizes. For every $5 pair sold, the program is able to feed one more person with up to 7 days of essential groceries. In an average two-hour stop, 50 to 150 pair of shoes are sold. Footwear in good condition but has some damage or wear is sold wholesale to thrift stores. 
Footwear in poor condition is ground up and used for flooring, furniture filler, etc.  This shoe drive is an eco-friendly way to keep shoes out of landfills and support efforts to provide hunger relief.  
How can you help? Clean out your closets and donate shoes that your family has outgrown or no longer wears. Ask your friends and neighbors to do the same. That’s all it takes to help Shoe Away Hunger! In the last year, Shoe Away Hunger has collected more than 40,000 pairs of shoes. Collection boxes will be placed in practice areas or drop off at Circle Pines Barber Shop, 9201 Lexington Ave. N., Circle Pines, MN