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Kenyon-Wanamingo Invitational Results

By Kathy Hotakainen, 12/21/17, 11:30PM CST


Noll and Bettinger take 1st place

Seven Cougar wrestlers placed in the Dec. 16 Kenyon-Wanamingo invitational. Centennial took 5th in team scoring. Leading the team were bracket champions Isaiah Bettinger at 160 and John Noll at 182. Placing 2nd was Luke Bruening at 220. Coming in 4th were Eric Hotakainen at 126 and Zach Mulberry at 145. Taking 5th were Josh Head at 106 and Mason Wiersgalla at 132. Max Koflat and Cody Peterson were out with injuries. For full brackets and results, see
Team Scores 





Kenyon-Wanamingo (KW)



Dover-Eyota  (DE)



Medford (ME)



Wabasha-Kellogg (WK)



Centennial (CENT)



Columbia Heights (CH)



Norwood Young America (NYA)



St. Paul Highland Park (SPHP)



Burnsville (BU)


1st Place – Charley Elwood, ME
2nd Place – Treyton Thesing, DE
3rd Place – Owen Scheffler, KW
4th Place – Sam Rodriguez Foster, SPHP
5th Place – Josh Head, CENT
1st: Elwood (ME) over Treyton Thesing (DE) (Fall 1:05)
3rd: Owen Scheffler (KW) over Sam Rodriguez Foster (SPHP) (Fall 0:30)
5th: Josh Head (CENT) over Gabe Brouillard (Injury Default)

1st Place – Gavin Gust, DE
2nd Place – Johnny Meyer, ME
3rd Place – Jaedin Johnson, KW
4th Place – Edwin Pesantez, CH
5th Place – Isiah Thompson, KW NS
1st: Gavin Gust (DE) over Johnny Meyer (ME) (Dec 7-2)
3rd: Jaedin Johnson (KW) over Edwin Pesantez (CH) (Fall 1:45)
5th: Isiah Thompson (KW) over Cullen Ford (SPHP) (Fall 1:08)

1st Place – Jeron Matson, KW
2nd Place – Taylor DeFrang, DE
3rd Place – Alec Johnson, KW NS
4th Place – Jon Heveron, CH
5th Place – bye
1st: Jeron Matson (KW) over Taylor DeFrang (DE) (Dec 7-1)
3rd: Alec Johnson (KW NS) over Jon Heveron (CH) (Dec 5-3)
5th: No match

1st Place – Jordan Scott, BU
2nd Place – Bray Olson, KW
3rd Place – Teigen Miller, DE
4th Place – Eric Hotakainen, CENT
5th Place – Mason Huth, WK
1st: Jordan Scott (BU) over Bray Olson (KW) (Fall 1:25)
3rd: Teigen Miller (DE) over Eric Hotakainen (CE) (Dec 6-1)
5th: Mason Huth (WK) over Trey Arika (BU NS) (Fall 0:56)

1st Place Joash Lord, NYA
2nd Place Tyler Craig, KW
3rd Place Tanner Sanderson, WK
4th Place Spencer Honsey, DE
5th Place – Mason Wiersgalla, CENT
1st: Joash Lord (NYA) over Tyler Craig (KW) (Dec OT 3-1)
3rd: Tanner Sanderson (WK) over Spencer Honsey (DE) (Fall 3:02)
5th: Mason Wiersgalla (CE) over Aedon Oberdorfer (SPHP) (MD 12-4)

1st Place Willie VonRuden, ME
2nd Place Tagen Miller, WK
3rd Place Gavin Osterhaus, BU
4th Place MCray Tuma, DE
5th Place Logan Meyers, KW
1st: Willie VonRuden (ME) over Tagen Miller (WK) (D 13-6)
3rd: Gavin Osterhaus (BU) over MCray Tuma (DE) (Fall 4:25)
5th: Logan Meyers (KW) over Jared Kleindl (NYA) (Fall 1:39)

1st Place Seth Brossard, KW
2nd Place Blake Lehnertz, DE
3rd Place Bryce Homan, NYA
4th Place – Zach Mulberry, CENT
5th Place George McCarthy, ME
1st: Seth Brossard (KW) over Blake Lehnertz (DE) (Fall 1:55)
3rd: Bryce Homan (NYA) over Zach Mulberry (CE) (Fall 0:42)
5th: George McCarthy (ME) over Fatih Shigidy (BU) (Dec 4-2)

1st Place Nathan Bauer, KW
2nd Place Bo Noble, ME
3rd Place Gavin Dabelstein, DE
4th Place Devin Beier, WK
5th Place John Frazier, WK NS
1st: Nathan Bauer (KW) over Bo Noble (ME) (MD 14-4)
3rd: Gavin Dabelstein (DE) over Devin Beier (WK) (Dec 7-2)
5th: John Frazier (WK NS) over Matt Gerner (BU) (Fall 2:52)

1st Place – Isaiah Bettinger, CENT
2nd Place Deionte Robertson, CH
3rd Place Joe Hennen, NYA
4th Place Tyler Shea, DE
5th Place Zach Wetmore, ME
1st: Isaiah Bettinger (CE) over Deionte Robertson (CH) (TF 4:50, 16-1)
3rd: Joe Hennen (NYA) over Tyler Shea (DE) (Fall 0:49)
5th: Zach Wetmore (ME) over Jeremy Klose (SPHP) (Fall 3:27)

1st Place Dylan Lentz, CH
2nd Place Cooper Holtorf, WK
3rd Place Cole Johnson,KW
4th Place Javis Von Ruden, ME
5th Place Mohan Beekie, SPHP
1st: Dylan Lentz (CH) over Cooper Holtorf (WK) (Dec 9-5)
3rd: Cole Johnson (KW) over Javis Von Ruden (ME) (Fall 2:20)
5th: Mohan Beekie (SPHP) over Kevin Miller (SPHP NS) (Fall 1:25)

1st Place – John Noll, CENT
2nd Place Cody Irish, WK
3rd Place Greg Larson,ME
4th Place Goody Bidbilla, SPHP
5th Place Carter Quam, KW
1st: John Noll (CE) over Cody Irish (WK) (Fall 3:12)
3rd: Greg Larson (ME) over Goody Bidbilla (SPHP) (Fall 1:49)
5th: Carter Quam (KW) over Spencer Welsh (DE) (Fall 2:48)

1st Place Michael Nelson, DE
2nd Place Logan Quam, KW
3rd Place Nate Meixner, ME
4th Place Jon Norgrant, WK
5th Place Reece Lemke, DE NS
1st: Michael Nelson (DE) over Logan Quam (KM) (MD 10-1)
3rd: Nate Meixner (ME) over Jon Norgrant (WK) (Fall 0:36)
5th: Reece Lemke (DE NS) over Huche Lee (SPHP) (Fall 0:43)

1st Place Kaya Lindell, KW
2nd Place – Luke Breuning, CENT
3rd Place Sam Meeker, NYA
4th Place Owen Hilke, KW NS
5th Place Nate McCarty, ME
1st: Kaya Lindell (KM) over Luke Breuning (CE) (Dec 2-0)
3rd: Sam Meeker (NYA) over Owen Hilke (KW NS)(MD 9-0)
5th: Nate McCarty (ME) over Brian Gonzalez (CH) (Fall 5:58)

1st Place Manny Alvarez,cCH
2nd Place Jesse Jackson, KW
3rd Place Alex Bushman, DE
4th Place Tony Cokley-Montbriand, SPHP
5th Place Ben Tentis, WK
1st: Manny Alvarez (CH) over Jesse Jackson (KW) (Fall 2:53)
3rd: Alex Bushman (DE) over Tony Cokley-Montbriand (SPHP) (Fall 3:42)
5th: Ben Tentis (WK) over Mitchell Borwege (ME) (Fall 1:23)