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Freestyle/Greco FAQs

  • What is the likelihood my child will get hurt?  Wrestling is one of the safest sports actually.  It is one on one and there is an official who stops action when moves become potential dangerous.  Their number one job is the safety of the wrestler. Your wrestler will wrestle people the same weight and close to the same age.

  • What is the gear required to practice and to compete in tournaments?   During competition, wrestlers will be required to have wrestling shoes, headgear and singlet.   A reversible singlet is easy and cost's less than 2 singlets, you will need a blue and red color for tournaments.   When brackets are posted if you have a dot in one of your boxes, you will wear red for that match.  If you do not have a dot, you will wear blue for that match.

  • What about a mouth guard?  Not required unless you have braces.

  • When are the tournaments?  Mainly on Saturdays and Sundays, some clubs have Greco one day and Freestyle the next.

  • How does the point system work?  Points are earned for takedowns and back exposure mainly, first wrestler to be up

  • What is the difference between wrestling styles?  Folkstyle: schools use this style and the scoring happens differently than the other styles.  Freestyle and Greco Roman: These are the international and Olympic styles of wrestling.  In Greco Roman, the wrestler cannot use their legs nor attack other wrestler’s.  These styles are rewarded via points highly for throws.