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End of Season Party & Equipment turn in

Parents - The Wrestling party has been rescheduled for Monday January 6th.  The party will be right after school, students are able to take the activity bus home. 


Your student should plan to bring their washed uniform to school on Monday to turn it into the coach.  


Please reach out with any questions or 763.792.5418.

Wrestling after Middle School

Thank you to the wrestlers, parents and coaches!!  This will be the final week of the middle school season but that doesn't mean you have to be done.  Your wrestler can continue by joining the high school team (please check with coaches first) or joining the youth team which practices Tues & Thur nights and has tournaments on the weekends.  You will need to purchase a MNUSA wrestling card and then can compete and practice with the other Centennial wrestlers, all information can be found under the youth tab on this website.

Aiston Degeest

Aiston Degeest

Head Coach

Phone: 612-644-3346

Sports Engine App

Please download the free sports engine app on your phone to have easy access to the schedule, photos and chat to better communicate with other parents and coaches

Middle School - 2019 Schedule

Click here to be directed to the MSHSL Schedule.


Contact Brian to keep up to date on important updates that would include, special messages from the coaches, time/schedule updates, etc.  Please click the Email link above and include:

  • Your Player's Name and Grade.
  • Email Addresses that you would like to receive important updates.


-All gear will be provided and parents will keep the uniforms clean during the season.  Please don't wear uniforms outside of wrestling.  

-Matches should be done about 6pm on weeknights.

-Wrestlers will be matched up by weight and experience.

-If your wrestler gets hurt for any reason, they need to have a doctor's note turned into the school and coach.

-Centennial is hosting 2 meets this year and will need volunteers to help setup, cleanup, run tables, etc....  You will not miss your wrestler when they are on the mat.

-After the middle school season is over, your wrestler can continue with the youth or High School program.

-Some tournaments charge a small admission fee for spectators.


1. Each practice:  try to improve yourself by giving your best effort.

2. Be properly prepared in order to compete.

3. Be respectful, responsible and show good sportsmanship on and off the mat.

4. Represent Centennial Wrestling in a positive way.

5. Maintain good grades

This sport will teach your child humility, mental toughness, resilience, how to accept and deal with authority, how to work with others and ultimately how to be a champion in life on and off the mat.


Equipment Needed for Practice 

● Shorts and a t-shirt are what most wear

● Try to refrain from clothing that is too loose

● Do not wear shorts that have zippers or pockets in them – they tend to cause injury

● Shoes - please practice in wrestling specific shoes, no street shoes, tennis shoes are fine as long as they are designated for the wrestling room and not worn outside.  Wrestling shoes can be purchased from just about any sporting goods store

● Headgear:​ optional but highly recommended

● A bag to store their street clothes and street shoes during practice

● A mouth guard is recommended and is mandatory for wrestlers with braces

● Water bottle 
Equipment Needed for Competition

● Competition Uniform will be provided by the team. 

●Wrestling Shoes are the best option for competition

● Headgea​r: optional but highly recommended

● A bag to store their street clothes and street shoes during practice

● A mouth guard is recommended and is mandatory for wrestlers with braces

● Water bottle